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Friends of Caritas Cubana
Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Supporting the Humanitarian and Social Services of Caritas Cubana

Approximately 11,000 young persons, including socially disadvantaged or physically disabled children and adolescents, and young adults with Down's Syndrome, receive services.
Caritas operates a variety of programs for children:
  • Day care programs for toddlers
  • After school programs for socially disadvantaged children.  These include programs that provide for basic needs such as meals, laundry and personal hygiene training, as well as enrichment activities such as computer skills, tutoring, sports, theater, and arts and crafts.
  • Special needs programs. Caritas supports programs for children  and young adults with Down syndrome, including meals, therapy, skills for daily living, recreation and a printing workshop.  Caritas also supports day programs for autistic children and their parents, run by psychologists with specialized training.
  • Support to children with severe disabilities.These are in-home services to children and their families which include help with basic needs, support groups for parents and children, visitation and respite.

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The Elderly


Adult Education Programs

Persons Living with HIV/AIDS

Persons Living with Disabilities

Disaster Victims