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Monday, June 25, 2018
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Hurricane Irma Special Appeal

Update: September 12, 2017
Details from the preliminary Cuban Civil Defense report paint a grim picture:
  • 10 persons have died, 5 in Havana due to building collapses.
  • Electrical services across impacted areas are damaged.
  • Over 1.5 million people were evacuated.
  • All agricultural facilities have been damaged, including those that produce staple foods like plantains, rice and sugar cane. Many crops are completely devastated.
  • 40% of all sugar mills are damaged.
  • In Havana, buildings are collapsing and neighborhoods are inundated by water
  • In Holguin, 2,400 houses were damaged; 84 demolished. 982 buildings, 25 bodegas, 16 bakeries and 6 hotels were seriously damaged. 14,000 acres of fruit, vegetables, rice, yucca and bananas were destroyed.
  • Flood waters are reaching the roof level of many homes in Matanzas.
Friends of Caritas Cubana Relief Planning | Activities      


Our primary objective is to help meet basic needs-water, food, and shelter, and so, our immediate plan is to raise funds.


We will begin sending wires directly to Caritas, on Friday, 9/15/2017. Friends of Caritas Cubana donations go directly to Caritas in Cuba in accordance and compliance with current and anticipated US Treasury Regulations.




How Can You Help?

 So many of you have already contacted us asking “how can I help?” and at the moment, we urge you to click on the DONATE button.  Please also consider sharing the link to this page with friends, family and colleagues.
Any amount, small or large, makes a significant difference and it will be earmarked specifically for Hurricane Irma emergency relief.
If you prefer, please feel free to mail a check, made payable to Friends of Caritas Cubana, 81 Washington Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140


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The Boston, New York and Miami Committees of Friends of Caritas Cubana